Design Description

I use the Braille dot as a vessel to hold words through shape, colour and size. I have recreated Morph in my iconic Yellow Braille suit and white cane with kool glasses. The cane symbolises Morphs independence to walk the trail with his trusted tool. I am literally morphing the visual with the tactile. The sculpture is there to be touched decoding the powerful words through visual and learning Braille in the process as on the back is the entire alphabet the reason behind black on yellow it’s the highest contrast that visually impaired people see so the idea is you step into my world and marvel at morph being a proud visually impaired character just like me because I always say I love being blind…


Artist Information

Clarke Reynolds is a visual artist who is ‘registered severely sighted’. His artistic language is braille, the tactile coding system which is made up of a six-dot cell. he uses the Braille dot to be a vessel to hold words through shape, colour and size. He aims to bring braille into the 21st century through workshops, exhibitions and public art, and be a role model for people of all ages with visual impairment. Clarke has recently been involved in Braille trails, light up installations, benches, and pathways. He has created a way for non braille readers to decode his work, so it is accessible for all. He had a very successful first solo exhibition in London at Quantus Gallery with huge media interest from around the world…one to watch!


Sponsor Information

Evenbreak is a social enterprise run by and for disabled people. Employers told us they struggled to attract disabled candidates and disabled candidates told us they couldn’t tell which employers were inclusive. So, we joined the dots and created the UK’s most accessible job board. The employers who advertise on Evenbreak are actively aiming to attract disabled candidates and the registered candidates want to work for inclusive companies.

Buy a Morph at Auction

When the Trail ends, the super-sized Morph sculptures will be auctioned to raise funds for Whizz Kidz. Whizz Kidz supports young people by providing the wheelchairs, equipment, support and confidence-building experiences they need, and campaigning for a more inclusive society. We hope to raise enough funds in the auction to allow 100 more young wheelchair users across England, Scotland and Wales be mobile, enabled and included.

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