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Whizz-Kidz works with young wheelchair users and their families, to provide the right wheelchair or equipment for each young person. We also provide confidence-building experiences, through our Activity Programmes, Wheelchair Skills Training and Employability Programmes.

At Whizz-Kidz we know that providing wheelchairs and equipment isn’t enough – we need to create societal change inclusive of all young wheelchair users.

We want to lead a movement for change, mobilising young people, families and professionals to ignite public awareness of the challenges faced by young wheelchair users.

We must ensure young wheelchair users’ voices are heard and prominent in all of our work. Together, we will challenge perceptions and attitudes to make education, business and society more inclusive. 

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Why are Whizz-Kidz and Morph working together? 


Morphs Epic Art Adventure in London provides brilliant opportunities to promote issues of disability, inclusion and accessibility whilst supporting Whizz-Kidz, the UK’s leading charity for young wheelchair users. Morph lives on a desk, within the confines of an artist’s studio. His freedom is limited by his environment, and many of his adventures are born out of a frustration with these limitations and the challenges of being a little guy in a big world. This echoes the daily experience of many young wheelchair users, who find their freedom and independence limited by the world around them. They are restricted by inaccessible environments, people’s attitudes, behaviour and perceptions of what young wheelchair users aspire to, and can achieve.

The Morph sculptures will be canvases for conversations about diversity and inclusion for wheelchair users. 

As part of Morph’s Epic Art Adventure in London, Whizz-Kidz will use the Art Trail to encourage the public, business community and young people to envision what a more inclusive world might look like for young wheelchair users, and what role they might wish to play in making this a reality. Let’s enable everyone to have epic adventures in London! A new series on Sky Kids, ‘The Epic Adventures of Morph’ sees Morph venture out into the world, and we’d like to see the same unhindered opportunity available to all young wheelchair users across the UK.

“Accessibility first and always – it cannot be an afterthought.” Kidz Board Manifesto.

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Whizz-Kidz is the UK’s leading charity for young wheelchair users. Our vision is for a society in which every young wheelchair users is mobile, enabled and included. Whizz-Kidz supports young people by providing the wheelchairs, equipment, support and confidence-building experiences they need, and campaigning for a more inclusive society. 


Our vision is a society in which every young wheelchair user is mobile, enabled and included.

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